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Questions about extensibility

A lot of the feedback we have received about the December release of the Service Factory was that it was too hard to change. We realize that with the addition of DSLs, if we're not careful, we could make this even harder. So, we've spent a lot of time and energy trying to make the most important and most common changes easy. Obviously this requires us to make certain architectural decisions and provide instructions on how to make certain changes.

It would be terrible if we did not correctly identify the most important and most common extensibility scenarios. Doing so would cause us invest in the wrong things which would not help you at all. Please help us by answering the following questions and sharing with us your feedback about how you plan to change the Service Factory.

We're always interested in your feedback, but we really prefer to get it when we can do something with it - and that isn't after we've released. :-)
  1. Do these scenario’s make sense or is it unclear when or why you would make these changes?
  2. Are the walkthroughs useful? Do they help illustrate how to make the change?
  3. Are any of the changes just too much work given what you are trying to do? In other words, does what you think should be easy just too difficult or time consuming?
  4. What are the important/common scenarios we are missing and should cover?


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