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Documentation for Service Factory v3

Rather than ship the written guidance and documentation with the release, we'll just upload it here. Please keep in mind that the state of these documents are early drafts. Some of them are still pretty rough, but we at least believed them to be correct at the time we put them here.

We encourage you to leave a comment on any of the pages if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Updated With Each Release

More Walkthroughs

  • ExtensibilityWalkthoughs.pdf This PDF contains the following walkthroughs:
    • Customizing the WSSF Solution Structure
    • Adding a Model Template
    • Importing Model Elements from an Arbitrary File Format
    • Add Extender Property to Technology Extender Walkthrough
    • Customizing Code Generation Templates
  • This zip file contains files used by the "Customizing the WSSF Solution Structure" walkthough.


Table of Contents

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