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A tool for incorporating metadata about your guidance packages into the Guidance Navigator window

Target Audience

Anyone who is building their own guidance packages or heavily modifying the ones included and are interested in incorporating links to their documentation.


The Guidance Navigator window is part of GAX and shows all of the available recipes as well as the recipes that have already been executed. For each of these recipes, documentation links and next steps can be defined. The metadata for this information is contained within the manifest files for each recipe.

When we were building Service Factory (both the July and December releases), we wanted to manage all of this metadata in central place (a single file rather than all the individual recipe files). We thought with just a little tooling we could push the metadata from the single files (one for each guidance package) to the individual recipe files.

That is what this little command line tool does. Included are the files we used on the December 2006 release.



There is no documentation for this tool. It's pretty self-explanatory (especially if you've done any XML processing with .NET). If a lot of people end up finding it useful and are complaining about the lack of docs, I'll do something about it ... but not until then ;)

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