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How to use this community site

... in other words, how to contribute, and where to find stuff

The "Home" tab

Mostly just links to other pages. Think of it as the hub.

The "Releases" tab

Includes both CTP and RTW releases. This is where you can download the early releases of v3 when they become available. We've also identified the next planned release since all issues in the "Issue Tracker" can be associated with a release.

The "Forums" tab

Pretty self-explanatory. We have forums for finished and planned releases so you can provide feedback, ask questions, or help others. If you're pretty certain you've found a bug, feel free to use the "Issue Tracker", but if you're not sure, this will work. If it turns out to be a bug, we can turn your entry into an "issue" to track it. You can comment on just about any page, but if you suspect a conversation this is the best place for it.

The "Issue Tracker" tab

This is Don's favorite tab because this is where you can really make a big difference without a whole lot of effort. An "issue" can be a bug, but it can also be a feature request. If you want something, submit it and then encourage others to vote on it. This part of the site has a big impact on the features we include and the priority of the bugs we're fixing. Don't forget you can filter the list if you're only interested in a particular status, release, or type of issue (advanced view).

The "Source Code" tab

I don't think we plan to use this feature just yet. We would be interested in your feedback if you think you want to use it. Of course all of the source code will be included in all the releases like it always is.

The "People" tab

In case you're interested in the team of people building Service Factory.

The "License" tab

So you can read the license online. You'll have to agree to it each time you download a release.

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