problem facing login in facebbok and getting facebook friends with using facebook api

Sep 10, 2009 at 2:35 PM



i am facing some problem with using facebook api. i don't find any solution if anyone have any solution of my problem pls provide me its urgent.

when i login to facebook account with using facebook api it gives me this error

"Your Account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance.It should be available again within a few hours we apologies for the inconvenience".

i have two different facebook account when i login to facebook from my first account it gives me this error but with second account it doesn't given me why is it so?

If anyone have solution then pls provide me.

one more problem i have facebook from "9 aug 2009 "  it is related to facebook friend i use facebook api for get my facebook friend. but when i login with my id and check my friend list api gives me this error

"Session key invalid or no longer valid"

but when i login my another account this doesn't given me any error.

here my code for get my facebook friends

              API _fbServiceAPI = new API();
            _fbServiceAPI.ApplicationKey = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["APIKey"].ToString();
            _fbServiceAPI.Secret = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Secret"].ToString();
            _fbServiceAPI.IsDesktopApplication = false;

            _fbServiceAPI.uid = Convert.ToInt64(Request["fb_sig_user"]);
            _fbServiceAPI.SessionKey = Convert.ToString(Request["fb_sig_session_key"]);

            string friendsId = "";

            IList<user> Friends = _fbServiceAPI.friends.getUserObjects();

is their any change in code then pls tell me its too urgent


Praveen Mehta

Sep 10, 2009 at 9:01 PM

Sory but I think that you may find much more help in the facebook forum or the like. This one is for WSSF discussion topics.