ASMX-CreateMessageType vs. WCF-CreateMessageContract

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Jan 25, 2007 at 6:49 PM
I am using the Decmber 2006 drop. I have run both the ASMX version and the WCF version. When using the ASMX-CreateMessageType Recipe you define both the Request and the Response Members in one run of the Recipe:
ASMX - Create Message Type Recipe
Message Type properties
Message Type Name
Request Class Name
Response Class Name
Define Request Members
Define Response Members

When using the WCF-CreateMessageContract Recipe you ONLY define the Request Data Member during the run of the Recipe:
WCF - Create Message Contract Recipe
Message Contract Properties
Message Name
Define Request Data Members

Why is there no Response Data Member in the WCF-CreateMessageContract Recipe ?
Are you suppose to run the WCF-CreateMessageContract Recipe twice, once for the Request Data Member and again for the Response Data Member?
If so then why is the second step of the Recipe called "Define REQUEST Data Members"?

Thanks for the insight!
Jan 26, 2007 at 1:39 AM
Yes, you are correct. The MessageType/MessageContract recipes are different between the 2 guidance packages. The "Create Message Contract" recipe in the WCF guidance package is intended to create both request and response message when both are needed. The fact that the second step is called is "Define Request Data Members" is a complete accident. I apologize for the confusion.