Weird WCF stuff

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May 6, 2008 at 4:20 PM
I agree with your patterns, and i was using some of them before i discovered all this WSSF... now i really don't know how this can help me.
I have a WCF web Service that acts like a "fachade" for a WPF application, the idea is to make that application available via "anywhere" (browser, desktop or click once) using the same components, this WCF services uses a fachade to get to the business logic and then the DAOs, etc, etc...
my first problem is to make the xbap accesible to my WCF WS... since i haven't found enough doc about "webHttpBinding" i haven't been able to configure it. I am using "WsHttpBinding" and seems to work "fine" when my WS returns a small pieces of data, (2000 registers of 4 k each one), but when the set is larger than that the service simply fails even when in the client and server bindings i set the reliablesession to true.
I have posted this in several parts, but seems like WS knowdlege is not as propagated as i guessed, that's why i though this was a good forum to post my trouble.
Carlos de Luna