Service Adapter question from Exercise 8 in HOL

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Apr 14, 2008 at 1:29 PM
I'm interested in understanding the note in the help for Exercise 8 in the Hands on lab for Building a Service. The exercise is about translating a message from a DataContract to a BusinessEntity. I'm ok with the way the example does this but the note makes an interesting point....
"To keep this exercise as brief and relevant as possible, the previous step has you perform tasks, normally performed by a service adapter, in the service implementation. The service adapter and translator provide a level of decoupling between the business logic and the service interface. Please do not consider the code in this exercise to be a best practice implementation, but rather a means to illustrate the translation recipe in the following steps."
So does anyone have an example of a service adapter? Is this something I need to write or is it produced by a code generator? I read on a few discussions that the Repository Factory would help me but there seems to be some project issues with this factory. I also use VS2008 which doesn't seem supported yet.

Many thanks.
Apr 14, 2008 at 5:42 PM
You can find a sample of this in the Reference Implementation located in WSSF v2 - Dec2006. There you hace samples of Adapters and translators.