WSDL Import and thinktectures WSCF

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Oct 26, 2007 at 3:57 PM
I would definitely vote for the WSDL Import feature (its very sad that it has been removed) and greater integration with thinktectures WSCF although there doesnt seem to be much happening there (for WSCF) and there is no published roadmap for the tool.

We do a lot of WSDL first work and currently use WSCF. Its been useful to get stubs ready quickly and even create stubs for third party applications where we have the WSDL so we can write up some "mock" web services. Its a decent tool but as time has gone by and we have got a bit more choosy about how we want the code to be laid out we have run into a brick wall. It imposes several constraints such as needing the XSDs to be in the service project and client projects so even if you have a centralised "contracts" project, you need to copy that to the server as well as distribute it to the clients (when generating client side stubs). This can lead to a proliferation of schema files when it would be much better to centralise them in a common contracts project.

Anyway, I dont mean this to be a rant about WSCF. Its just that I was hoping to be able to move to Service Factory and use the WSCF only when i need to construct WSDLs with a wizard (and even posted here for a feature in service factory to let us do something similar) but if you arent going to go in this direction then I would like to see something concrete happening in the integration front. It could at least be open sourced or put here as an additional tool, like a "power toy".

I recognize, of course, that this is purely a P&P community offering and you are under no obligation to add any of these features :-) but the integration would be a great addition to SF,

Oct 31, 2007 at 4:35 AM
I completely understand your disapointment that the WSDL import feature didn't make the final release. We thought long ad hard before cutting it. We actually made two attempts at implementing this and integrating it with our models. Unfortunately we ran into problems, not least the very large test matrix involved in testing WSDL import.