Announcing: Repository Factory Released

Oct 2, 2007 at 1:05 AM
The Repository Factory project (formerly known as the Data Access Guidance Package) has completed its development. The final release is available as a source code zip on CodePlex here:

The goal of the project was to pull out the Data Access package from the Service Factory tree and make it a stand-alone package, and fix some of the higher priority bugs/issues along the way. This release gives us:

* Independent of Service Factory tree
* Generic code has been moved into a separate assembly instead of being generated every time
* Generated code has been placed in different folders to keep the underlying goop out of the way
* Interfaces are generated for the repositories, so you can provide multiple implementations of the repository
* Auto-mapping of entity fields and stored proc parameters
* Recipe inputs are stored across runs so you don't have to reenter everything every time you run
* New, easier to use and understand UI screens

and many more.