Advanced customization of WSSF

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Sep 19, 2007 at 2:30 PM

Our team is working on customization of Service Factory Guidance Package. For example, one of the goals that we aim to accomplish is to create a separate workflow in business logic project for each operation of Service Contract.

In previous release of Service Factory we did this by modifying GenerateWCFServiceContract recipe and creating our own Action which unfolds t4 template for each operation of the service contract and creates project items in business logic project from generated content.
Since the latest release of Service Factory introduces some major changes in logic, we are wondering what would be the best way to accomplish that in this new environment.

Our current idea is to add our code in GenerateArtifacts method of GenerateArtifactAction class before artifacts generation. This code would obtain operations from selectedElement, obtain business logic project, unfold .tt templates for workflows and add them to business logic project.
We did this because we didn’t manage to add our custom artifact links (for operations) which would be passed to appropriate strategy in order to perform desired actions.

Would you kindly suggest if there is any better way to perform this kind of customization?

Thanks in advance