GUI WSDL Builder?

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Aug 20, 2007 at 10:11 AM
Hi, I have installed v2 and watched the webcasts and started the ASMX HOL. I also had a look at the videos for V3 and appreciate the ability to import an existing WSDL. But how about providing a wizard to build a WSDL like thinktectures WebServices Contract First add-in? Thats a really cool tool as it avoids us having to muck about with WSDL syntax and grammar and just pick schemas and assign them to operations and it takes care of the rest.

We usually start with a bunch of schemas and then generate a WSDL using the WSCF add-in and use that in discussions with clients, refine it and then go about generating the ASMX from the WSDL. Of course, WSCF doesnt go further than just the ASMX facade (+ some generation of the data contract classes) so we are on our own after that and this Service Factory will fill the large gap really nicely. it would be nice to have the WSDL builder as part of Service Factory.

Would you consider adding such a facility?