HOW TO: Upgrade from v3b71 to v3b117

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Aug 15, 2007 at 9:27 AM
Since we have been using v3 in a production environment (WCF-based), I just discovered that moving from drop 71 to drop 117 isn't obvious. See the corresponding issue at However, with the help of Don Smith and his team, I managed to migrate to the latest release without having to redraw all my models. Notice however that you will loose most of the WCF-specific attributes.

Here's the trick:
  • For each Data Contract model:
    • Open the model in Visual Studio
    • Make sure that each Data Contract property has a unique Order attribute (this is required since this drop, but there will be a new recipe to handle this for you)
    • It seems that the model will 'forget' the CollectionType associated with Data Contract Colllection elements, so fill these in as well.
    • Validate the model with the Validate All command from the context menu.
    • Save
  • For each Service Contract model:
    • Open the model in a text/XML editor
    • Remove the implementationTechnology attribute
    • Remove all objectExtenderContainer attributes
    • Save
    • Open the model in Visual Studio
    • Re-set the Implementation Technology attribute to WCF
    • Re-set any WCF-specific attributes
  • Delete the .gpState file and then re-enable the Guidance Package to gain access to the new Create Translator and the Create Implementation Project (WCF/ASMX) recipes.

I expect that this will also work for ASMX projects, but I haven't tested that.