Solution Structure

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Jun 5, 2007 at 12:30 PM
When creating a solution using the service factory a number of seperate projects are created for BusinessEntities, BusinessLogic, and DataAccess. I was wary of this as why can't there be a single assembly to keep all that together, such as an object library?

I've just been looking at the Hands On Labs at the first thing that is done after the solution is created is to merge all these seperate projects into one - this seems far more sensible. There is a comment saying that the projects are generated seperately as they are created by seperate factories (fair enough), but for the labs they are merged into one as it's a small application.

I'm currently developing a large application and still believe it's a far better to have a single assembly that contains the business objects and their relevant logic and data access. I see this as being easier to maintain, debug, and deploy. I can't really see any reason why these should be in seperate projects. To go one step further, I would personally develop the object library in proper OO fashion where the objects handle their own logic and data access. Unfortunately the project management are not open to suggestions and state that everything will be done "the Microsoft way" (or their own interpretation of it).

It would be interesting to hear how other people have implemented this part of their service solutions. We are very much at the start of our development so could benefit with the experience of other people. Thanks.