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The Web Service Software Factory (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct WCF Web services that adhere to well known architecture.

Web Service Software Factory 2010 Open Source for Visual Studio 2012

Web Service Software Factory 2010 Open Source CTP now available!

Web Service Software Factory 2010 08-27-update now available!

Web Service Software Factory 2010 RTM now available!


  • Known Issue In the 2008 version, a couple of our advisors have recently run into a issue. If you have the XAML Power Toys installed, it can cause your Service Factory installation to completely stop working. I have verified this issue on one of my machines, and in my case, removing the XAML Power Toys from the Visual Studio add-ins (and restarting VS) fixed the problem - uninstallation of the XAML Power Toys was not necessary.
  • The Contrib Project is Live! The long awaited Service Factory Contrib site is finally live and has some great contributions right out of the gate. Thanks to Edward Bakker and our friends at Digit Factory, you can finally generate VB.NET code from your models and automatically generate model elements from your existing WSDL documents (updated to VS2010) using the 2 contributions available right now. Thanks guys, great job! (23 July 2008) pro
  • EntLib Policy Extensions Another new contrib project that adds WSSF the capability of integrating PIAB and WCF in a very simple way. For further details and download go to the contrib project site.
  • EntLib Extensions Our Dutch brethren (and advisors) over at Avanade have created and released an extension to the Service Factory: Modeling Edition that allows Enterprise Library to be used in very powerful ways. We would highly encourage you to check out the work they've done. They have a downloadable binary, a walkthrough of how to use this new capability, and an MSDN article that covers it. Check it out and give them some feedback. Great job guys! Well done! (23 Apr 2008)

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