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Please Separate Code Generation Strategies from the Service Factory


I'm working with another CodePlex project (Configuration Section Designer, and wanted to write some unit tests of the customization I was about to make. This customization was to the code generation. I would have liked to use the same techniques used by the Service Factory, as there are examples of how to write unit tests of code generation.
Unfortunately, the code was a little bit too tightly tied both to the Service Factory and to the Recipe Framework. I was able to move many of the classes from ServiceFactory.Description into CodeGeneration.Strategies, such that there were no references to any of the Microsoft.Practices.ServiceFactory namespaces. However, there were still references to the Recipe Framework. Since the project will not be using a guidance package (yet), I felt that I shouldn't use the code this way.
However, the pieces of the Recipe Framework that it uses seem to be utility classes and such, that could be moved into a more generic Microsoft.Practices namespace. It would be great if you could do that.