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Questions for v3b48

  1. When importing XML Schemas and WSDL documents, where does the file exist prior to inport (somewhere on the computer, in the Visual Studio project, in a common enterprise repository, on a network share, an internet address, somewhere else)? Is the location different for schemas than it is for WSDL docs?
  2. What is your scenario for importing these documents (interop, starting point/productivity, compliance with a spec, technology-agnostic "model")?
  3. How important is it that the original document you are importing (XSD or WSDL) be the same as the one generated from the solution after the code is generated and compiled?
  4. Do you have an XSD or WSDL that won't import? if so, send it to us at
  5. Are there other changes you would recommend to the message contract shape? Well, except being able to make a primative type nullable and/or a collection.
  6. Do you agree that FaultContracts should be modeled separately than DataContracts? Is the distinction clear?
  7. How important is it that you have the source code to the custom Product Definition project (the one we use to hold the models)? We don't think this is code many people will need to change, but we want to make sure. your answer to this question will determine how much (and what kind of) work we still need to do to this code.
  8. When writing a new technology extension, would you expect for the extension properties, code generation templates, and validation logic as a single assembly? We want to make this as easy and clear as possible. To do so, we may need to refactor based on your feedback.

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bursteg May 12, 2007 at 9:15 AM 
1. I think that the file can be everywhere on the computer or event as a service?wsdl over the web. In v2 labs, I added the wsdl to the solution before created the XmlSerializable class and it bothered me a little. I think that there should no be any limitation for this. In case the xsd file is not a part of the solution, maybe a link to the file should be added to the solution.
2. My example is adopting some industrial standards. I have worked with a customer that build an FX platform that should conform with some standards (i.e. how an order should look like), and had to import the wsdl. Of course this is very similar to interop scenario.
3. I think there should be a link between then in order to enabled future updated in the solution version when the original changes.
4. None at the moment.
5. Nothing specific, but I think the versioning issue should be targeted when building message contracts.
6. In v2 I always modeled them together, and had to remove the fault contracts project and change the data contracts project responsibility. I think that sometimes I will create a common project for fault contracts to be re-used in several services, but it is just another type of data contracts. I would recommend it to be designed in the same designer.
7. Not important to me.
8. I am not sure I am clear about this question. Can you please provide a more concrete example?
Thanks for your great work. I think that this questions-feedback thing is great and lets the community participate in the process.
Guy Burstein