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Service Factory v3

Community Questions for drop 19

Please answer the following questions and send them to or leave them as comments on the feedback page for this drop. Thanks!
  1. Would you like for a Service Contract model be created by default and placed in the product definition project (Boeing.Model) for you?
  2. For the operation shape, we are considering removing the "Action" property. What do you think about this? Are there other technology-agnostic properties you think should be added/removed?
  3. Do you have any feedback, suggestions, or general comments about using the Service Contract Designer?
  4. Now that you've added a couple of properties, is clicking on the elipsis and using the type selector a reasonable way to do define the Data Member types? What is the most natural experience?
  5. Does the separation of the Service Contract designer (for service-specific things) and the Data Contract designer (for things reusable across services) make sense? Would a different separation feel more natural? Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions about using the Data Contract designer?
  6. Now that you've completed the design of the fault contract, does the process seem natural? Do you have suggestions for improvements?
  7. Does applying the technology platform at the designer level seem natural? Would you rather specify the technology on each individual shape? Do you have another suggestion?

And one more:
  • It is very likely we will not be able to:
    • Ship a single release that works on both VS 2005 (Whidbey) and VS 2007 (Orcas). This probably won't be possible for technical reasons.
    • Ship 2 releases: one for 2005 and one for 2007. This is just way to costly for our team(time and money).

So, with that in mind, knowing we will ship on November 15th (approximately a month after 2007 is released), what version of VS would you prefer the final release support? If your answer is 2007, we will more than likely switch at some point and the last 2005 drop will be available from the community site forever (well, for a REALLY long time).

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