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Service Factory v3 Docs DRAFT Outline

Introduction to the Service Factory

High-level View
Challenges Addressed / Benefits of Using the Service Factory
Service Factory Goals
Guiding Principals
Intended Audience
System Requirements
Roadmap / Futures
Installation / Uninstallation
Getting started – links to rest of docs
  • What you use to build (factory/models)
  • What you build (artifacts/service architecture)
  • How you build (process/design decisions)
Web Service Application Architecture
  • Service Interface
  • Business Layer
  • Resource Access Layer

Using the Service Factory

(This section will have short introductory text and then links to videos so the reader can "See It" and then walkthroughs so that the reader can "Do It.")
Service Factory Solution (which is its implementation view)
  • Activities
    • Define new model
    • Define project mapping
Service Contract Model (or View)
  • Work Items (logical “things” the model describes and the factory builds)
    • Service
    • Service Contract
      • Operation
        • Message
          • Reference to Data Contracts in the Data Contract views
  • Activities (user activities the factory supports when the user works with this model)
    • Define Service Contract
    • Define Message Contract
    • Import Service Contract from WSDL
      • Cascades to Data Contract view type and creates corresponding data contracts
    • Select Implementation Technology
      • WCF, ASMX, ...
    • Generate Service Implementation
      • Recipe called from the designer
    • Generate Message Contract Implementation
      • Recipe called from the designer
      • ...
Data Contract Model (or View)
  • Work Items
    • Data Contract
  • Activities
    • Create Data Contract
    • Select Implementation Technology
    • Generate Data Contract Implementation
    • ...
Hosting Model (or View)
  • Work Items
    • Host
  • Activities
    • Define Service Host
    • Define Service Use
      • Client, Service Use Constraints
    • Generate Test Client
    • Generate Service Host
    • Expose Service in Host
    • Deploying the service
    • ...
Business Components Model (or View)
  • Work Items
    • Business Component
      • Component interface
      • Interface dependency
    • Event
      • Publication
      • Consumption
  • Data Transformer
Health Modeling a Service
  • Defining the non-functional and business-centric SLA for a service
  • Creating a MOM pack
  • ...
Securing the Service
  • ADAM
  • Kerberos
  • SQL
  • Anonymous Authentication
  • Exception Shielding
  • Brokered X509
  • Security code analysis (merge w/ validation story)
  • Model QoS (New)
Running the Reference Implementation
  • High-level view
  • Requirements
  • Running procedure
  • Web service guidance(more advanced)
Reusing a Model Project over Multiple Solutions

Service Factory Architecture and Customization

Introduction to the Factory Architecture
  • Software Factory Glossary
  • Factory infrastructure
    • Model Project
    • Technology Extensions
    • Code Generation Framework
      • Artifact Link
      • Code Generation Service
    • Project Mapping
    • Role based mapping
    • Model Validation Framework
  • Service Architecture
    • Service agents
    • Monitoring
    • SLAs
    • Management
    • Instrumentation
    • Health modeling
Factory Customization and Extensions
  • Code Generation Framework
    • Introduction
    • Specifying a Code Generation Strategy
    • Using the TextTemplating Code Generation Strategy
    • Specifying dependent references
    • Mapping Elements to Projects
    • Creating a custom code generation strategy
    • Adding context to T4 execution runtime
Walkthrough: Introducing a new Code Generation Strategy
  • Technology Extensions
    • Introduction
    • Extending Model Elements
    • Creating an ObjectExtender
    • Persisting the extended properties into the model
    • Interfacing properties through the property Grid
    • Technology specific recipes
    • Technology specific templates
    • Packaging and registering a Technology Extension
Walkthrough: Creating a new Technology Extension
  • Validation Framework
  • Adding recipes
  • Adding models

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