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Service Factory v3 Project Status Podcast

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Individual Episodes

  • 15 Feb 2007 I can't believe said in the beginning of this one that we haven't been up to too much ... what a dork. I assure you we've been quite busy ... I even spend most of the time telling you what we've been doing. Posted by: donsmith Click here to listen
  • 25 Jan 2007 Here it is ... the first real episode. Let me know what you think. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep exposing you to this drivel :) Posted by: donsmith Click here to listen
  • Testing? Testing?: Let's try this. I've never done a podcast before, but this seems like a reasonable use for one. I think this format will enable me to keep you more up to date (since I don't feel the need to edit it - like I would a written form of status) and maybe this will work better for those of you who want to be keep up to date. I am VERY interested in your feedback: are they the often enough? too often? too long? too short? status about the right things? etc. Just remember what you're Mom used to tell you, "if you don't have anything nice to say ..." haha, I'm just kidding ... share all your thoughts! Posted by: donsmith Click here to listen

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