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Oracle Schema Discovery

This is a modification provided by a few of the Service Factory community members that allows the Data Access Guidance Package to work with an Oracle database.


  • Data Access Guidance - This contains the data access guidance project and the updated templates and source code for generation of data repositories from business entities. The enhancements only cover the "Get" operations. The same enhancements have not yet been made for the Update operation.
  • - There was a small issue that surfaced when the same stored procedure name was used for a standalone stored procedure and a stored procedure within a package at the same time (in the same schema). That issue has been corrected.


  • "Get One Complex" in addition to "Get One" and "Get Many" have been added. This new operation is suited for retrieval of one object that contains sub-objects in a List<>.
  • This code has been used with the July release of the WSSF. It has not been used with the December release yet, but no issues are suspected since the Data Access Guidance Package was not changed much (only a few bug fixes) between July and December.

Philippe worked with Yogz on this project. Yogz did all the Oracle schema discovery stuff, and Philippe worked on the templates and code generation for the "Create data repository classes from business entities" recipe.

Note to the other contributors: If you want recognition of this great work, just leave a comment on the page. I'll update the page and delete your comments. If there is anything else you want said on this page, let me know.

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lowndesc Jun 26, 2007 at 4:02 PM 
The current implementation discovers Oracle procedures in an indirect way using the "Arguments" collection. This was to get around the problem of duplicate procedure names existing within and outside packages. However, this method fails to discover execute-only procedures without parameters.

Mark_Mattes Jun 14, 2007 at 8:14 PM 
There isn't an Oracle dir under Templates\T4\SP. So there isn't a StoredProcedures.t4. I worked with this last year for a bit and didn't have time to get it all working (I'm sure it's been worked on much further than when I started with it). The t4's were included then either. I seem to remember that it dealt with one of the developers doing this for his company and couldn't just give them up. I had some created and sent them to Don. Do I have this right? Are there new proc's needed for the Get One Complex and Get One, Get Many recipes?