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Enhancements to the ‘Create data repository classes from business entities’ recipe

Posted By: johnslaby
Date Added: Sat, Mar 24 2007
Size: 9.78 KB
Download: DAC Updates
Author Notes: I work in an Agile development environment, and have found myself wishing for better support for small, incremental changes in the DAL. This motivated me to look at modifying the Service Factory both to make my life easier and as a way to better understand the guts of a factory. In the Agile spirit of ‘design-a-little, build-a-little, test-a-little’, I find I am continually adding stored procedures, making small updates to tables, and adding new tables as I increase the functionality of my site. The recipes for integrating those changes into the DAL, however, are not very well suited to this mode of development. Most problematic for me was the ‘Create data repository classes from business entities' recipe, where there are a number of short-comings that made me start to dread running the recipe whenever I made changes to the database. The Readme.txt file included in the download contains the list of issues that I tackled, in order of importance to me, and what I did to address them.

Oracle Schema Discovery - A Data Access Guidance Package Modification

Posted By: Philippe et al.
Date Added: Thu, Mar 27 2007
Size: -
page: Oracle Schema Discovery
Author Notes: This is a modification provided by a few of the Service Factory community members that allows the Data Access Guidance Package to work with an Oracle database.

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