going overboard

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Apr 4, 2007 at 8:12 PM

There may be too many letters in my solution, but I have a couple questions about building a new enterprise application.

Right now I am researching the security approach we will take for a brand spanking new system. Here's what I want to do - does this make any sense or should I slow down on my acronym adoption rate? (I just went through a project using Data, Logging, Exception blocks in 2.0 and using the membership and role provider - so I'm through some of the learning curve)

  • use AD to tie in to existing user logins - all internal domain users
  • Create a list of operation, map them to tasks and roles

Enterprise Library
  • Use the Enterprise Library Security Block utilizing AZMan
  • Map entity validation to Validation Application Block
    • big question here, how is this different than WCF Data Contracts?

  • Use Web Service Software Factory (WSSF) to create the WCF interface utilizing all kinds of fun WS-* items to pass security context to the trusted subsystem model provided by AZMan
  • use WCF data contracts to help pass entity definitions around
    • huge headache on prior project remapping exact datatype from one schema to another

Does this sound reasonable?

Thanks for any feedback!