Operations Page Of Create Service Contract Wizard Not Accepting User-Defined Data / Fault Contracts

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Feb 28, 2007 at 9:29 AM
Hi All,

I've been modifying the Web Service Factory for our use. Our solution structure is a bit different in that we have a single project which contains the Data Access and Business Logic code, and a seperate service project which houses the Data / Fault / Service Contracts, Implementation and Adapter code.

What this means is that any Data / Fault Contract are in the same project as the Service Contracts, and are not in an externally referenced assembly. This works differently to the stock service factory which creates them in a seperate project, and displays them in the TypeBrowser under the referenced assemblies mode.

I was expecting them to be diaplyed under the <Current Project> node, but nothing is there. The Data Contracts are all created with a DataContractAttribute.

I've tried working through the TypeBrowser code, but the implementation is frankly baffling to me!

Can anyone think of a reason why local assemblies are not being displayed in teh TypeBrowser dialog?

Feb 28, 2007 at 11:50 AM

Since you have consolidated these projects, then you need to assign your "current" project with the responsabilities for each of the projects (Data/Fault/Sercice Contracts) in order to be showed on each TypeBrowser field.
To re-assign the responsabilities, right click at the solution level to "Service Factory (WCF)" and point to "Unlock Solution". Then right click your consolidated project, point to "Service Factory (WCF)" and then click "Specify Project Responsibility". On the "Specify Project Responsibility" page, select the "Data contracts project" and "Fault contracts project" check boxes (and any other consolidated project), and then click Finish.
After these steps, you should be able to view all the projects on each wizard page field.
Let me know if this solved your problem and if I can help you if you need to update the package.