Instrumentation, Exception Handling layer

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Feb 27, 2007 at 5:08 AM
I've been messing around with the Web Service factory for a little while and just finished the Hands on lab. I noticed that there is no instrumentation(logging,configuration) and exception layer generated by the software factory, even though thats one of the elements thats specified in Figure 1 on the main page of the Web Service Factory home page (

Is this a missing piece that will be fixed in the next official release or has it been left out of the auto generation intentionally as part of some best practice.

Feb 27, 2007 at 4:57 PM
Actually you can find the exception layer in the Reference Implementation included in WSSF. This implementation is using the Exception handling included in EntLib 2.0 and the logging functionality as well.
In v2 there are no tooling options (Recipes) that automate this feature. However, the upcoming Hands-on lab for WCF will show how to extend the WCF Guidance Package and will add this recipe.

The rest of the instrumentation you can use the WCF features Diagnostics Features Provided by WCF or the EntLib libraries EntLib that will handle these requirements.
The version 3 of the WSSF will likely include guidance and tooling for manageability.

Feb 28, 2007 at 12:50 AM
hmmm.... I am using asmx rather than WCF. So the logging/exception handling is distributed around the app using the entlib rather than in a particular project. If I unlock the solution and use "assign responsibility", I don't see an instrumentation option. Even in the RI, the exception handling block doesn't seem to be referenced by most of the other projects. So I guess I was just wondering if that was normal/best practices.

My Idea was to create a common utils project that would essentially be a facade into the Ent Lib (To make it much easier to use), and all the other projects would have a reference to the the Utils project and use it for logging/exception handling/configuration/ etc. etc.

Any thoughts/comments?
Feb 28, 2007 at 1:13 PM
The current version of WSSF (v2) does not have any tooling option for automating monitoring and manageability. However, you may use as a guidance the samples for Exception handling in the ASMX RI and other guidance from p&p Operating .NET Apps, Exception Management Guide, Logging AB and Exception Handling AB that target this area. As far as I know, the upcoming version of this factory (v3) will likely include tooling guidance regarding this and the new policy block in EntLib will let you add many cross cutting concerns (including monitoring) in a decoupled way to your services Policy Injection Application Block.