pls help me.... Stcuk up with the MC,DC and BE and Translator's

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Apr 12, 2008 at 4:25 PM
Edited Apr 12, 2008 at 4:30 PM
appologize me if this thread has been posted else where.... this is an urgetn requirement for me.....
PLease any body help me... i am really stuck up with few things.....
i have to complete this operation...... pls help me.

i have 3 tables. These three tables has 3 different DataContracts and Bussiness Entites.
Among these three tables i wanna insert value to two tables in an operation.

My tables are :

UserGoup fields are--------------------------> usergroupId,usergroupname
Users fields are --------------------------> uid,username,fullname,domainname
UserGroupUsage. fields are- -------------------------> uid, usergroupid.

i wanna insert the UserDetails into the tables
well, this user must be in any of the usergroups, we can select more thatn one usergroups.

I am taking all the UserGroupdId from the Client side in the List<>..... (But dont know what type it shold be....)

My Message Contract is RegisterUserRequest------------------> contains the DC.
namespace user.ServiceContracts
public class PutUserRequest
private UserDC userDCField;

MessageBodyMember(Order = 0)
public UserDC userDC
get { return userDCField; }
set { userDCField = value; }


The DataContract definition is provided below :
namespace ProductComparisonTool.DataContracts
/// <summary>
/// Data Contract Class - UserDC
/// </summary>
DataContract(Namespace = "http://user.DataContracts/2008/02", Name = "UserDC")
public partial class UserDC
private System.Int32 UserIDField;
private System.String DomainNameField;
private System.String FullNameField;

DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "UserID", Order = 0)
public System.Int32 UserID
get { return UserIDField; }
set { UserIDField = value; }

DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "DomainName", Order = 1)
public System.String DomainName
get { return DomainNameField; }
set { DomainNameField = value; }

DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "FullName", Order = 2)
public System.String FullName
get { return FullNameField; }
set { FullNameField = value; }

My BE is also somewhat similar...

here i am facing the problem...

1) i have to pass the list of userGroupID to the Service. I am Using Message COntract for this, How can i pass this userGroupID's ?
the MC which i defined dosent have the filed.... UserGroupID.

2) In the Case of Translation from the DC to BE also i am facing some difficulty similar to this.

How can i pass this ? What should i do ? any sample codes are there.....

with a lots of Hope...........
Apr 14, 2008 at 4:15 PM
1) You may add a collection (Array will be fine) that will contain this userGroupID's. You may defin this in a DC collection and reference from your current RegisterUserRequest MC.
2) This should be the same as other custom translators where you may simply add some code to traverse both arrays and assign values back and forth according to each translator.