Upgrading older WSF GAT to VS2008 = hell...

Mar 21, 2008 at 2:53 PM
I was hoping to upgrade a project to VS2008 that is a WCF service created with the first GAT (not the modeling edition). I was hoping to get the debugging enhancements in VS2008 so I could avoid having to do so much mucking around with config files and endpoints, etc.

I saw other threads here that involve upgrading to the modeling edition. That's not my goal here. I just want to leverage VS2008 WCF capabilities against a GAT-generated WCF Service.

First, when I open the solution in VS2008, it offers to upgrade the solution. Then during upgrade, for some reason, it keeps trying to install Crystal Reports Basic and bombs out of that -- I don't know WHY it even thinks it needs to install CR Basic, as it has ZIP to do with my web service.

But eventually the solution comes up and will build. Never mind that when I close & save and then re-open the solution, it AGAIN asks me to upgrade the solution, goes through the same erorrs, etc.

Now I want to debug my service without creating a host project. What's the process? Add an app.config to the implementation assembly? (since there are 6+ assemblies that make up the service from the first GAT). Is that the one I debug? Is there some special voodoo I have to do to tell VS2008 that this is a WCF service and I'd like it please to let me run it in the Wcf hosting stuff added for VS2008?

on another note, I tried to avoid the whole crystal reports hell thing by doing a "devenv /upgrade" on the solution file. It gave me some errors that look like this: </Event><Event ErrorLevel="1" Project="Source" Source="Source" Description="Warning: The project file is being backed up to a relative path that differs from the original solution relative path. The difference in folder hierarchy may create problems in opening or building the backed up solution and project.">



Mar 26, 2008 at 6:50 AM
Regarding the C.Report issue, I can't give much help there. On the other hand, debugging a service will require to create a host project (typically a web service project) and reference the implementation projects and the rest of the references). You can generate a host project with the Host Model. Steps for this are found in the "Building Hands-on lab" located in this home page. Once you got your host project, then simple add your breakpoints and call run it from VS and call it from a client (typically generated with the Host model, Client Application option).
Apr 2, 2008 at 7:26 PM
Thanks. I'll experiment with this some more. I'm losing hope in it really being doable to interop with VS2005 here, but I'll keep muddling.