How to call the service using proxy ?

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Feb 18, 2008 at 8:04 AM

Hi ,
I have created a WCF service using WSSF Dec-2006 release, here i would like to call this service from my websites, page namely Default.aspx.

for that purpose i add web service reference, by giving the path http://localhost:XXXX/HelloWorld.Host/HelloWorld.svc?wsdl

From the Default.aspx page, i tried to call it using the mentioned codes to diaply it in a label,

HelloWorldService.HelloWorld proxy = new HelloWorldService.HelloWorld();
label.text= proxy.Operation("hai CF");

Here, HelloWorldService si my Service Reference,
HelloWorld is my service contract
Operation is my Opration Contract.

While i am viewing the default.aspx page in the browser, i am getting an exception call THE OPERATION HAS TIMED OUT.
do either of one
1. add debug=true here, <%@ServiceHost language="c#" Debug="true" Service="HelloWorld.ServiceImplementation.HelloWorld" %>
2. <system.web>
<compilation debug="true"/>

even though its added here, but its showing an error like this....

What i have to do inorder to solve this ? Whether my codes are correct or not ? if no, what i have tio modify....