setup issues

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Jan 10, 2008 at 9:55 AM
I have a w2k3 VS 2005 with GAT december 2006 release, its toolkit and web service factories earliest release.
I read somewhere that I should uninstall those before setting up the GAT july 2007 release to be able install the new web software factory modeling edition.

Whenever I try to remove the web software factory december 2006 , I get the following error : unable to get installer types in the C:\Program files.......\common7\IDE\public assemblies\Microsoft.practices.ServiceFactory.WCF.Installer.dll assembly --> Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.

When I try to remove I get the following error : An exception occured while uninstalling . This exception will be ignored and the unistall will continue, however................................................ The uninstallation of the guidance Automation runtime cannot be done. You must first uninstall the following guidance packages
ASMXGuidance package

Then everything rolls back.
Now I have a box where old GAT, toolkit WCF are not working and can not setup the new versions. Please advise
Jan 10, 2008 at 5:06 PM
You can find something similar here: