Some problems with WSDL import

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Sep 14, 2007 at 3:05 PM
I tried to upgrade the WSSF V2 Reference Implementation with WSSF V3, and ran in to some problems…
I grabbed the WSDL’s from the “PayeeService Service” and the “PaymentService Service” and used the Import WSDL functionality.
These are the problems:
•The generated service models didn’t capture the Namespace from the WSDL.
•The “Payee” operation is marked One-Way == ok, but didn’t validate because off the faultcontracts. According to the validation it should be Two-way
•The faultcontracts didn’t validate, because the order property is zero.
•After code generation the type in the DataContracts PaymentCollection class isn’t available/ wrong. WCF_RI.DataContracts.Payment <-- I do think it has something to do with “not Serializer compatible schema”
and this only happens when I import and generate them both in the same model…
• The datacontracts GetPayeeListRequest and response are both empty
So fare my journey :-)