Replacing Remoting with WCF

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Sep 14, 2007 at 6:31 AM
I am interested in getting more information on replacing .Net Remoting with WCF or even better with WSSF.
I notice that the WSSF guidance doesn't take web farms or application farms into account.
I would like to do in WCF, what I have already done in .Net 1.1 remoting. (see "BackGround" below).

So has anybody got links or documents or other info on how I can achieve this. I am looking for a "heads up" to other peoples research before I need to conduct my own.

In .Net 1.1, I constructed a web farm involving more that 18 servers. 3 were "web page" servers, 5 were "web service" servers and 10 were "application" servers.
I did this using .Net remoting and I used a "well known" software factory on the "appliction" servers and http binding and singlecall to the connect from the other type of servers . I also had Proxy Class on each server as a common interface.
I also used Network load balancers (BIGIP) between WebPagesServers->ApplicationServers and webServicesServers->ApplicationServers. That was easy as it was all http URIs.