Service aggregation

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Aug 1, 2007 at 6:42 PM
I am new to WCF and Services factory.

I am supposed to write a Service aggregation manager, which will be a WCF web service to handle a high volume of requests for a set of services that this aggregate service 'manages'.

The service manager is supposed to do the following :-

1) When the service manager is invoked, it needs to load into a collection, all the services that are 'children' of this manager
2) On receipt of a request, authenticate the client (i can use x.509 authentication using Service factory)
3) Authorize the client request based on membership details from a membership database
4) If the message wants to invoke a service , add it to a queue based on its priority level (indicated in the message). A Service administrator to periodically invoke the services from the queue based on priority .
5) If the message is the return of a service invoked from this manager, update the status in a collection. If the returning service itself wants to invoke another service (as per message), do so and maintain a stack for this chain
6) If the message is a query on status of any request , return the status based on the status stack

Apart from Step 2 , authentication, i am not sure if there any readily available features of WCF or the Service factory that can be used for these steps ?

Do any of these steps seem to be redundant ?

Thanks and regards.