Data Access Guidance Package Screencast

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Jul 29, 2007 at 9:00 PM
Over the past few weeks I have received numerous requests to create a screencast using the WCSF with the Data Access Guidance Package in the WSSF.

I created one today on PnPGuidance that shows off:

  • Enabling the Data Access Guidance Package
  • Adding a Database Connection
  • Generating Business Entities from Tables in a Database
  • Generating a Repository Class for Business Entities
  • Generating CRUD Stored Procedures for each Table in the Database

Blog Post: Create Data Access Layer Using Data Access Guidance Package Screencast

All Software Factory and Enterprise Library Screencasts

I hope it helps.



David Hayden
Microsoft MVP C#

Jul 30, 2007 at 4:06 PM
I have been trying to connect to Pervasive 9.5 using ADO.Net.Pervasive PSQL Data Provider for .net 2.0 to create entities for days without any success. I have modified the machine.config file and added manually reference to Pervasive.sql.client. When I go to create connection string from Membership.Host, I don't see Pervasive in Data Source drop down list. I have manually modified the connectionstring property in the web.config file. When I go to create data entity I get an error message ' There was an error trying to get metadata information'.

I can create data connection successfully in the server explorer to Pervasive server. Has any body done it ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.