Creating DataLayer with WSSF

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Jul 24, 2007 at 8:49 AM
I`m new at patterns & practices

I`m using Web Client Software Factory. I`v create Buisness Module and View Pages. Now i want to add DataLayer to my Web Application.
I Create new Foundtation Module Call it : DataLayer ->set him Project Responsobillity: Host Project, Data Access Project,Buissness Entities Project-> Then i add connection string to my DB ->Then i click Create business entities from database , select my 2 tables and Web Services Software Factory Createt me 2 Classes: Access and Main -> Then
i created Strored procedures and put them in MSSQL -> Then i click Create Data Repository Class.

Tell me pleace how to use classes what i have? is i`m doing somthing wrong ?
Where is Screencast or manuals about creating DataLayers with Web Services Software Factory

My Config: Windows Xp Prof,VS 2005 prof sp1, Enterprise Library 3.1,Web Client Software Factory,GAX,GAT,Web Services Software Factory, I create my solution from : Web Client Solution Template.
Jul 26, 2007 at 3:08 PM
Hi SiTox,

I will assume your question is about usage. If I understand you correctly the problem you are facing is not about the recipe not generating the data repository classes.

To use the generated data access classes, just focus on the ones called repository. The WSSF reference is a good place to took at the usage, and it also reveals that the guidance can be used with more than one data access project in the solution (if needed).