Current recommended usage

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Jun 6, 2007 at 12:25 PM
I'm currently in the process of evaluating the best way to create a SOAP Window Service (For best performance(?) and contol). It will be the link between our SqlServer and external partners and our webpages. So a lot of data will eventually go through it however most will be small. It will also grow quite quickly in the number of responsibilities it has.

I looked at Web Service Software Factory v2 and now noticed that v3 is quite different so my question is what is the recommended way to go? Start using v2 then move over to v3 later on?
Go with v3 even though its just in alpha/beta stage?
Skip the whole nice Web Service Software Factories and do it manually using WCF and Datasets?

Any suggestions on what people are using or recommending is highly appreciated.
Jun 11, 2007 at 10:39 PM
It would be great if another community member provided their opinion, but I really think your questions have more to do with your scenario. In other words, your ability to migrate, use a pre-released deliverable, or build your solution without this deliverable has more to do with the level of risk, knowledge, resources than anything else.

As far as the first part of your message goes, I don't think your choice of hosts (windows service) will influence performance and control metrics. You might consider other configuration decisions ... like NOT using DataSets.